Hunting Cold Weather Gloves

Hunting Cold Weather Gloves keep your hands warm and dry while providing the dexterity you need to handle a bow or gun. The key is to choose the right glove or mitten for your needs.


For example, heavy insulated gloves may keep your fingers warm but sacrifice manual dexterity. You also need to consider additional features like touchscreen compatibility or a cuff that accommodates a release.

When hunting in cold weather, gloves or mittens are crucial for protection against the elements. The wrong pair can leave your hands in danger of frostbite or wounds, not to mention limiting your dexterity. Whether you’re an avid bowhunter, gun hunter or both, the right pair will keep you warm, dry and comfortable throughout the entire hunting season.

When it comes to insulated gloves, material is an important consideration. The outer layer should be a durable, water-resistant material that’s suitable for your hunting conditions. The inner layer should be soft, breathable and warm. Many manufacturers offer gloves and mittens with different insulation options, such as synthetic fiber or Merino wool. Both are effective for insulation, but wool is an especially good choice because of its natural antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties.

A good pair of hunting gloves will fit snugly, without being tight. Gloves that are too tight will be uncomfortable and won’t be able to regulate heat well. They’ll also be prone to losing heat faster than your hands can heat them up. On the other hand, oversized gloves can be too bulky and limit your dexterity.

In addition to the fabric, the palm of your mitten or glove should be made of durable, grippy material. The best gloves feature a blend of materials, such as Pittards almost sticky Oiltac leather and Primeflex polyester, to deliver excellent grippiness and toughness. In addition to grip, the material should be resistant to abrasion and tears.

Hidden magnets allow you to quickly and quietly fold back the mitten flap and thumb, allowing you to access your fingers when necessary. Some gloves also have touch-screen sensitive materials, letting you use your GPS or game cameras without taking them off.

There’s a reason this classic style endures. These heavyweight, waterproof, insulated gloves are perfect for winter hunting and come at a price that lets you grab a few pairs to keep in your truck or bag as needed. The snow camo pattern is a traditional design that has been around for years, while the 40g Thinsulate and Hydrashield waterproof breathable membrane keep your hands warm and dry all day long.


Whether a hunter is selecting a pair of gloves for early season ducks or a serious gun hunting pursuit, a good choice has to balance warmth and dexterity. Heavily insulated gloves keep hands warm but they often hinder manual dexterity, so hunters must be mindful of their needs as well as the conditions they’re likely to encounter.

For example, the Drake MST Refuge Gore-Tex Double Duty Decoy Glove is a gauntlet-style glove that’s ideal for waterfowl hunts. It has a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane that repels rain and snow, but it’s also breathable. The glove is comfortable in a range of temperatures and has features like a goat-leather palm, a shock cord with toggle-on arm closure, a webbing cinch at the wrist, and more.

The gloves’ construction also influences how well they perform. For example, the Realtree Edge Men’s Heavyweight Hunting Gloves have a unique ceramic-coated lining that traps body heat to reduce hand fatigue and increase dexterity. The gloves have a durable exterior and ribbed cuffs to resist abrasion.

In addition, the gloves are designed to be compatible with touchscreen devices and equipped with a hook-and-loop closure for secure wear. They’re also treated with ScentLok technology, which eliminates odors and bacteria that might otherwise impact performance.

As a bonus, the gloves’ material helps to minimize contact with ticks, chiggers, and mosquito bites, which can be painful for some hunters. In general, the best hunting gloves are made with high-grade materials that meet the specific needs of the hunter and provide the most effective results.

Other factors that influence glove selection include personal tendencies and what the hunter is looking for. For instance, some hunters prefer mittens, fingered gloves, or half-fingered gloves for the trigger and index finger. Others want specialized features, like scent control, camo, or a cuff that accommodates a release. The hunter’s needs should be weighed against the cost of the gloves to find an option that fits.


When it comes to cold weather hunting gloves or mittens, fit is everything. A glove or mitten that is too large can be uncomfortable and restrict movement, limiting dexterity. On the other hand, a glove that is too small can expose your fingers to cold air and make them feel numb. Ensure that your glove or mittens are a comfortable fit by trying them on and flexing the fingers. Moreover, consider the length of the gauntlet cuff and whether it can be cinched to keep snow and cold air out.

A good pair of winter hunting gloves will also come with additional features to help enhance comfort and performance. For example, some will have zippered pockets for stashing disposable hand warmers or acting as vents when it’s warmer. Others have soft material on the thumbs designed for wiping away drips from a cold nose. Finally, wrist cinches and anti-lost clips can help prevent your gloves from being lost while you’re in the field.

Depending on where and when you plan to hunt, there are different features to consider. For instance, if you will be hunting in snowy conditions, look for gloves or mittens with waterproof and windproof linings. Some will have a fleece liner for added warmth. Others have long gauntlet cuffs that can be cinched to keep snow out. Finally, a pair of insulated gloves with synthetic leather palms will provide better grip for shooting.

Gloves offer more dexterity than mittens, which can be a big advantage for hunters who shoot with a bow or gun. The Drake MST Refuge Gore-Tex Double Duty Decoy Glove is a great option for waterfowl hunters. It’s a waterproof, breathable gauntlet-style glove with a Gore-Tex membrane that repels snow and rain. The glove is made from a mix of high-quality Toray stretch woven PrimeFlex polyester and Pittard’s OilTac leather. It also has a hook-and-loop cuff closure, a webbing cinch at the wrist and more.

Another excellent choice for waterfowl hunters is the Sitka Fanatic Glove. This is a technical waterproof, insulated glove that’s ideal for the late-season hunt. It features half-finger for the index finger and thumb, making it suitable for bow hunting while maintaining a higher level of dexterity.


Depending on the temperature and weather conditions, hunters may choose different types of gloves or mittens. For example, in very cold temperatures and high wind, a heavy-duty glove with more insulation is the right choice. A waterproof shell and insulation will keep your hands dry and warm in extreme weather. A breathable material like nylon is also a good option for regulating your temperature.

Other considerations include the type of hunting you do and the weapon used. A bow hunter will likely prefer fingerless gloves for better feel, while a gun hunter will want a warmer option.

The thickness of the insulation in the glove is another important factor to consider. You want it to be warm, but not too bulky. A layering system is often the best solution. A lighter glove lined with a merino liner, for instance, can be used in the early season and then swapped with a thicker option for cold weather or wet conditions.

Some gloves feature features that enhance dexterity and comfort, such as touch-screen sensitive materials. This allows you to use a GPS or a game camera without removing your gloves. Another helpful feature is a foldback flap on the mitten or thumb. This allows you to free your fingers for a more precise grip on the trigger or handle of your weapon.

If you’re in need of gloves for extreme cold conditions, look for a pair with Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper technology. This helps to shield you from wind, rain, and snow. Another option is the Sitka Fanatic Glove, which was designed for both archery and gun hunting. It includes a half-finger for the index and thumb, and it’s insulated with PrimaLoft Gold insulation and HDRY waterproof protection.

Other options for extreme cold-weather gloves include the Drake LST Refuge Gore-Tex Gloves, which are insulated with a premium blend of Toray’s Stretch Woven PrimeFlex polyester and Pittard’s OilTac leather. This combination makes the gloves breathable, durable, form-fitting, and water-resistant. They also come with a zippered pouch to stash hand warmers for added warmth. The Attack Glove by Kuiu is a similar option, and it’s ideal for upland bird hunting and big-game hunting.